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About the Community Centre

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The Community Centre was built in 1928 and gifted to the Lilley Drift miners by the miners union. Its use was extended in 1930 to embrace miners families and friends and then later to the community as a whole.  It was used for a wide variety of activities including dances, whist drives, bazaars, the Women's Institute, the Library and also as the local child welfare clinic. 


The building has always belonged to the community. For some years it was managed by Gateshead Council as Trustees.  But, since 2010, it has been managed by locally elected Trustees.  The Community Centre is completely reliant on fees charged for hiring the building, donations and special fund-raising events. No-one involved in running the Community Centre (including our volunteer supporters) gets paid.  We are proud to say that everyone gives their services free.   

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How's Your Community Spirit?

We are always happy to see people who want to become involved so if you'd like to help, even on an occasional basis, then just call Joan Wainwright

on 01207 542662 or 07770491105  or email

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