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Re-opening with Covid 19 precautions 

The Trustees have carried out a risk analysis because of the threat of Covid 19 .  They have made a number of changes to the conditions for hire to make sure people are safe when using the building.


These are as follows:- 

The government has relaxed the rules on social distancing, face coverings and sanitisers. Group leaders and individual hirers are responsible for carrying out their own risk assessment, no matter how informal, to decide what, if anything needs to be done to keep people safe such as ensuring social distancing at key 'pinch points' like the entrance and at the door to the main hall. 

Hand sanitiser, sanitiser for toilet seats, doors and other furniture, and wipes together with gloves and disposal bins are provided in toilets and the main hall.  The hand sanitiser at the entrance should be used before moving into the main hall. Sanitiser and wipes are available within the hall for people to clean the backs and arms of their chairs and tables before and after use. 

The cleaner will ensure that light switches, door handles an other frequently used surfaces are cleaned daily and that bins are emptied frequently.  Her contact details are shown on the notice board in the event of an urgent cleaning problem arising

Covid 19 Emergencies

Do not come to the Community Centre if you feel ill


A full PPE set is available in the disabled toilet in the unlikely event that someone becomes ill with suspected Covid 19 while attending the centre.  The ill person should be isolated in the disabled toilet space until an ambulance arrives.

Anyone who thinks, or knows they have been in contact with someone who has the virus (including through the Track and Trace system) must inform their Group leader/hirer who is required to inform the Trustees immediately.  Contact details are at the end of this notice.

People will be informed directly by email or telephone or indirectly using the Community Centre website or Facebook page in such a situation.


(phone or email in urgent Covid 19 situations)

Joan Wainwright   01207 542662

Ruth Hamilton

Fiona Buckley

Kathleen Johnson

Helen Eglon

Michelle Fionda

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